Album Out Now ! New selling points & Digital Download ! Brutal Assault 2011 !

May 30th, 2011 | By adminyak

We’ve been making developments concerning the availability of our newest album ” Fables of the Sleepless Empire ” ! Our original plans have been revised as we’ve seen that it was a bit hard/expensive shipping-wise for some of you guys. We’re currently talking to some mailorders and will keep you informed about new online vendors as they come. For the moment, the Laser’s Edge mailorder will be selling it, with more to come.

Mailorders and stores all around the world should contact us directly at : for wholesale orders as we’re not working with distributors for now.

There’s also some physical stores in Montreal & and the Quebec Province that will carry the album. A complete list is available here.

The album will also be available in digital download & streaming on our Bandcamp website starting now :

And for the first time, our debut album “Utopia” will also be available in digital download on the same site !!

Everybody who pre-ordered the cd will get a free download starting  now ! Just check out your emails (and spam box in case) ;) You won’t have to wait the post before giving it an ear !

On another subject, we’ve been confirmed on this year’s edition of the BRUTAL ASSAULT Open Air FESTIVAL in Czech Republic between 11th and 13th of August ! The schedule has not been fixed yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Oh…and I forgot…our new official website is now online ! ;)

6 Responses to “Album Out Now ! New selling points & Digital Download ! Brutal Assault 2011 !”

  1. Guys, you did it. Album of the Year 2011 so far. And I doubt it will be surpass by any other album this year. I LOVE YOU GUYS

  2. Awesome album! Makes you happy and angry at the same time. Listened it three times on my iPod last night at work and sometimes just couldn’t help me laughing ot loud. Got some weird looks, but others think I’m strange anyhow…
    U know guys what would be awesome, better than sex? A Vinyl release! Please, please, please! A freaking gatefold cover with lyrics and all the shit. Like Rush’s All The World’s A Stage Live with triple gatefold cover…
    You can always have a dream, eh?

  3. I second the vinyl release :)

  4. eric says:

    The new album really is outstanding. Every album from you is better than the last. If you ever tour through southern California, I’ll definitely be dragging people along to see you. Thanks for all the effort – it’s appreciated.

  5. Track 4 says:

    I give up. You guys did it again.
    This is what I’ve been waiting for the latest three years.
    You proved you still are worthy the no.1 placement in my “best-band of all times”-list.

    Can’t wait to see and meet you again!

  6. Nejc says:

    The new album is simply a masterpiece, enjoyed every second of it!

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